Harrier International Founder, Tim "Magic" Hughes, died 24 January 1998.
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With Harrier International in transition, I have not been doing much work on this site. Please feel free to stop by The Harrier Page and check out the searchable database that is forming there. On-on

We really appreciate your visiting Harrier International Online today. Do come back and run some more searches on our new, powerful site soon. Tell your friends!


HI has especially selected these highly recommended hashing links for you. Each one is an absolute must to visit.

The Harrier Page

Flying Booger's Half Mind Hash Catalog

UPCOMING INTERHASHING EVENTS, hosted by Flying Booger's Half Mind Hash Catalog.

ZiPpY's Springs Harrier Information and Trash Page

ONLINE HASH SONGBOOK, hosted by ZiPpY's S.H.I.T. Pages


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